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Delicious Morel Mushrooms

Foraged and Dried in the wild western Canadian mountains.   Get your wild mushroom fix today! 

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What our clients are saying...

Nice chaga chunks ~ Rita Lau, Toronto, Ontario.

I like the chaga powder, very convenient.   If you want to use a narrow bottle to soak the chaga chunk, make sure you ask for smaller chunks.  The chunks are nice and large and have lots of black bits.      ~Rita, Toronto, Ontario

Great service ~ A.Pearson, Brentwood, California

My order was shipped out promptly, but somehow UPS made a mistake (?) and I saw my package just got bounced between UPS warehouses in Washington.   I reached out.   Pascal reassured me that while they couldn't do anything with UPS other than file complaints, they will send out replacement free of charge if I still experience delays.    ~A.Pearson, Brentwood, California. 

Will definately be back

A while back, I ordered chaga powder and ginseng oolong tea.  I got free shipping.    Both were really good.   Chaga is chaga, I like how their Chaga looks really fresh.  The ginseng oolong is really nice.  I took it to my office, and stashed it, and whenever I make it, you can smell the sweet aroma throughout the office.  The only thing is that I had to try to enter the coupon code twice for it to work.            ~B. Keller, Chicago, Illinois

Good chaga

Got my chaga today. It's brewing.  All good.  ~Annie Klassen, Dallas, Texas. 

Morels received ~ Amat Lim, Las Vegas, Nevada

Nice morels.  I ordered 1 pound.  Good quality.  Will be back.   ~ Amat Lim, Las Vegas, Nevada

Gorgeous mushroom

Gorgeous mushrooms. Good price. Thrilled! ~ J.A.K, Arizona