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Delicious Morel Mushrooms

Foraged and Dried in the wild western Canadian mountains.   Get your wild mushroom fix today! 

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What our clients are saying...

Nice chaga chunks ~ Rita Lau, Toronto, Ontario.

I like the chaga powder, very convenient.   If you want to use a narrow bottle to soak the chaga chunk, make sure you ask for smaller chunks.  The chunks are nice and large and have lots of black bits.      ~Rita, Toronto, Ontario

Not the same as fresh, but the next best thing

Good chaga chunks.   ~H. Pelt, Las Vegas 12/2018

Will definately be back

A while back, I ordered chaga powder and ginseng oolong tea.  I got free shipping.    Both were really good.   Chaga is chaga, I like how their Chaga looks really fresh.  The ginseng oolong is really nice.  I took it to my office, and stashed it, and whenever I make it, you can smell the sweet aroma throughout the office.  The only thing is that I had to try to enter the coupon code twice for it to work.            ~B. Keller, Chicago, Illinois

Good chaga

Got my chaga today. It's brewing.  All good.  ~Annie Klassen, Dallas, Texas. 

Morels received ~ Amat Lim, Las Vegas, Nevada

Nice morels.  I ordered 1 pound.  Good quality.  Will be back.   ~ Amat Lim, Las Vegas, Nevada

Gorgeous mushroom

Gorgeous mushrooms. Good price. Thrilled! ~ J.A.K, Arizona

Not the same as fresh, but they are really good

These morels arrived good.  The dried morels are not the same as the fresh ones, but they are good.   When you put them in stews or chop up in sauces, almost the same as fresh.     ~T Halloway 6/2019