Chaga Kombucha

We already know that hot water and alcohol can extract the active ingredients in Chaga.   There is a third method, and that is fermentation.    This is our own recipe that we would like to share with you all.   To make this recipe, you will need good healthy scoby and a bit of the Kombucha starter liquid.    You can usually find a piece of live Kobumcha scoby and starter liquid by asking your local Kombucha brewery or friends.   If you can't find any, you can always order from Amazon.   Or of course, you can always just send us a note to see if we have some.  

Now onto the recipe. 

You will need a gallon jar.  Brewed Chaga 15 cups.  Around 1-1/4 cup of sugar.   Brewed Chaga Chunks. 

While Chaga is still warm, dissolve sugar in Chaga, and let it cool to room temperature.    Leave the Chaga chunks inside the Chaga tea.  Add the starter liquid, and give it a quick stir.  Add the scoby.    Cover with jar with linen gauze, and secure with rubber band, let it sit for at least 10 days before the second ferment.  

 Brewing Kombucha with regular green or black tea is far more forgiving than brewing with Chaga.   You will need a warm dark spot for fermenting, and the sugar to brewed Chaga ratio is key to a successful ferment.   Too little sugar, your Chaga will fail to ferment, and the scoby will just turn into nasty green mold. 

But the flavor of Chaga Kombucha is well worth it.  The ferment seems to bring out a sweet date and vanilla taste out of the Chaga.   Give it a try, you won't regret it.