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Chaga Powder - Wild Harvested in Canada


Wild Canadian Chaga Powder.   Completely wild and powerful medicinal mushroom.  Harvested from Birch tree in the northern pristine forest of British Columbia and Quebec, Canada.   

How is our Chaga different?    Our Chaga is ethically harvested after the Birch trees have gone dormant, making our Chaga extra potent.   Air dried, and ground into a fluffy fine powder.  That's it.  Pure wild Chaga, nothing else.     

SGS lab tested, no pesticides, no pollution , no heavy metal.   USA Brunswick Lab tested for total Phenolics.

Why Chaga powder? Easy and quick to brew, ready to drink in 1 hour.   All you need is hot water and a thermos.  1 rounded teaspoon of Chaga in 2 cups of hot water, let it brew for 10 minutes. Strain and drink.  Repeat the brewing up to 2 times. 

Got a sweet tooth?  Try adding a bit of honey.