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Ginseng Oolong Tea - 1 Box, 15 Sachets

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Made with real American Ginseng locally grown in British Columbia!  Ginseng Oolong is a deliciously sweet tea that combines the best of two worlds: Fragrant and floral high Oolong Tea and real American Ginseng.  The results?  A distinctively sweet and nourishing Oolong tea that is easy to drink and great for you.  

Don't confuse our Ginseng Oolong with the common "ginseng oolong" out on the market - Our teas are a blend of real ginseng root pieces with premium oolong tea.  We don't use any additives or fillers to coat the tea.     This is a tea where you can see the ginseng.  

We use 5 year old whole Ginseng root and ground up whole to give this tea the unique balance.   Our Ginseng went through two separate laboratories to certify it is free of any heavy metal.  

Each bio-degradable sachet contains a total of 3g tea & ginseng pieces.  On the first infusion, the sweet fragrance of the Ginseng is robust, giving the tea a beautiful soft cloudy look. On the second and third infusion, the sweet Ginseng complements the floral light roast Oolong tea, giving this tea a long lasting mouthful and finish.