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Chaga Chunks - Wild Harvested in Canada


**ABOUT COVID19 & CHAGA :   Chaga is a tonic that will help aid Wild Canadian Chaga Chunks -  Completely wild mushroom.   Harvested from Birch tree in the northern pristine forest of British Columbia and Quebec, Canada.  Don't confuse the cultivated imitation Chaga with the 100% wild Chaga.   

Our Chaga is ethically harvested from the wild Birch trees in the winter months.

Why wild?    Wild Chaga takes several years to slowly grow into the proper sizes you see in the last picture.  We can't rush nature.  We only harvest from trees over 25 years old, since only these mature trees can produce Chaga of good size.   

SGS lab tested, no pesticides, no pollution, no heavy metal.   US FDA certified Brunswick lab tested and verified.         

Each Chaga chunk can be brewed in hot water at least 3 times. Super economical.  After brewing, Chaga chunks can also be soaked in any high proof alcohol of your choice for 1-3 months to extract out every last bit of Chaga goodness.   All you need is hot water and patience!     

Crock Pot:  3g of Chaga for every 2 cups of water.  Let it brew in crock pot at the lowest heat setting (set it to warming if you have that as a setting) for 6 to 8 hours.  Pour into a clean container and store in fridge.   Store the chunks in freezer between brewing.  Re-brew the chunks up to 2 or more times or until the brew becomes lighter in color.    

Chaga with milk and honey tastes the best, or you can use brewed Chaga in place of coffee.  

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