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"IF we can't forage and harvest the ingredients in the wild ethically and ecologically, we don't sell them!"   We are the WILD division of Golden Tea Leaf Co,, a multiple tea championship award winning tea merchant whose business is primarily in wholesale oolong teas.   (GoldenTLeaf.com)   

How did a tea producer go from tea plants to Chaga and other wild edibles?  Originally, we started off by exploring all of the ingredients we can make tea with.  So naturally, when we came across Chaga and Ganoderma...we jumped on it.   In case you are wondering, we still sell tea, you have to visit our tea web site for that.  

What started out as a simple taste journey turned into something far more significant as we delved deeper and deeper into our wild ingredients.    We work with local experienced pickers to harvest the Chaga, Ganoderma, and other polypores in the most traditional and sustainable way, right here in the pristine forests of British Columbia, Canada.   One thing leads to another, and before you know it, our pickers are picking all sorts of wild edibles.  

We are not deep woods people.  We don't have tales to tell of running from bears.  But we do have an extremely picky nose and palate (thanks to our years of experience with tea).  We have one more thing that we learned from over 30 years of being a tea producer...our sorting standards.   We applied the same harvesting and sorting skills to all of our wild edibles.  This means you can be sure that we give you the absolute best.   

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