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It is very easy to keep the dried mushrooms by storing them in an air tight glass jar.  Alternatively, you can also leave them in the fridge or even freezer if you put them into a good zip lock bag. Dried mushroom can absorb atmospheric moisture, if you live in a very humid place.  In that case, it is better to keep them in your fridge or freezer drawer, after properly sealing them in zip lock bags. 

Our morels are harvested from the mountains of Western Canada. No cultivated stuff here. Canadian wild. That's it. 

Soak your morels in cold water for about 5 minutes, let the sand and grits, if any, sink to the bottom. Change out the water, and repeat. Rinse the morels with running cold water quickly and squeeze out any excess water, they are ready to use.

No. Red reishi is NOT the same as ganoderma. Close, but not the same. They have similar properties, but if your herbalist is specifically asking for red reishi, the best place to look for the wild red reishi is actually through Facebook mushroom groups or various local Craigslists. There are very few wild red reishi available out there. Almost all of the Chinese herbal sellers will call their reishi "wild" and charge an arm and a leg, but they are all cultivated, and not wild.    There is no way for you to tell wild vs cultivated.  So it is best to look for the wild mushroom through the local mushroom groups. In our neck of the woods, we get lots of wild ganoderma, but not reishi. We do have wild reishi as part of our personal collections, since we use them ourselves.   We have extras from time to time, if you really need them, just drop us an email.  We will see what we can do. 

Great question. We send our Chaga out to testing, and the results are pretty amazing.  Our Chaga is consistently more potent than Chaga harvested from other area. And zero heavy metal pollutions.  

You should not be taking Chaga if you are currently taking any anticoagulant or on any medication for diabetes or at least 2 weeks prior to having any surgery. 

Please consult your health provider prior to taking any chaga, ganoderma or ginseng as they may impact your prescription medications.